Saturday, June 1, 2013

Les premiers deux jours de voyage

Hier après-midi je suis partie pour la France. J’ai eu trois vols avec peu de temps entre eux. J’ai voyagé avec deux autres filles dans le program alors il était plus facile de trouver les terminaux, les portes et les bus. Notre premier vol a été retardé alors quand nous avons arrivés à notre porte pour notre deuxième vol, tout le monde a été sur l’avion déjà! Mais nous avons pu monter dans l’avion. L’aéroport à London est très, très grande et nous avons eu moins de temps de trouvé l’autre terminal mais nous avons arrivés à la porte quand nos sièges ont été appelés. Quand nous avons arrivés à Lyon, nous avons eu des difficultés à trouver le tram mais nous l’avons trouvé et après, nôtre hôtel.

Yesterday afternoon I began my France trip. I had three flights with little time in between them. I flew with two other girls from the program, making it easier to find the terminals, gates, and busses. Our first flight was a little late so when we arrived at the gate for our second flight, everybody was already on the plane ! However we were still able to board. The airport at London is extremely large and we had even less time to connect flights and when we arrived at the terminal for our last flight, the agents were just calling our seat numbers. When we arrived in Lyon, we had other difficulties finding the tram but we eventually found it and our hotel.

My advice and lesson learned is to make sure there is at least two hours in between flights because an hour and a half was not nearly enough to get to the connecting flights comfortably. I am staying with the other girls at the Campanile Hotel right outside the Gare Part Dieu in Lyon, right across the street from the train station, so when we got dinner (un sandwich avec jambon, parmesan et pesto mm) we were able to check out the machines that we will have to use tomorrow to check in for our train ride to Vichy. 

I didn't sleep that much on the plane and it's finally 8 o'clock pm and I can't keep my eyes open so hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep. :)

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