Friday, June 7, 2013

La Première Vendredi

La semaine est finie finalement! Les premières deux jours étaient très difficiles pour moi parce que mes parents et mon petit ami me manquent beaucoup. J'ai mangé le dîner avec ma mère et sœur d'accueil chaque nuit et mercredi je suis allées au chateau de Ravel, le chateau où les Choristes étaient filmé...

The week is finally done! The first two days were really difficult because I missed everyone so much but it is definitely better now. This week I ate dinner with my host family each night, even though one day we just had McDonalds because we were out at her friends house.

Wednesday I went to Chateau de Ravel where my favorite French film ever, Les Choristes, was filmed. We got to see where they played, where their classroom was, etc etc. It was really really awesome! The countryside was so pretty, too. Thursday after school I went home and decided to skip the Dégustation, or the food tasting, to go to my sister's jazz dance show. I took lots of pictures and a video for her.

Today after school Allie and I went to the parc and walked around for a few hours and went to "Vichy Beach" which is about a 30 foot long beach on the river bank. We ended up walking back to town to go to a patisserie to buy macarons and tarts. We don't eat dinner until about 9 o'clock and we eat lunch around noon so I'm always hungry and waiting to eat. Tonight, the group wanted to go to the discotecque but I think we are going to go to a little riverside bar instead, right in the park by my apartment.

I am in the B1+ level which is basically like 300 level classes at NAU and my first class is going much better now. My second class which was a culture class, or "civilisation" was a little too hard so I switched to an oral class so I can get more comfortable with talking. So far we have been talking about animals and pets to at least get us talking. I have had homework every night so far and on Monday I have to present about my favorite book.

I'm talking more with my host mom but I still don't have too much to say. I'm just not that comfortable speaking it.

The only problem I have had today was with a girl from Botswana. She is so nice and is in two of my classes but she does not understand much that either teacher says so she always asks me and distracts me and it is really annoying for me. She also took my notebook to copy something, which really bothers me when people do that. If she does it again next week I'm going to try and sit across from her instead of next to her.

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