Monday, June 3, 2013

The First Day of School

Hier j’ai rencontré ma famille et ma mère, Cathie, est venue me chercher à la gare. Elle à une fille de douze ans qui aime la danse beaucoup. C’est un peu maladroit et difficile de communiquer mais c’est mieux aujourd’hui. Aujourd’hui a été mon premièr jour de classe à CAVILAM et j’ai pris un examen pour me placer dans une groupe..

Yesterday I met my family and host-mom Cathie who came to get my from the train station. Her daughter is 12 and really likes dance. We even played "Just Dance 4"on the Wii. It's a little awkward and hard to communicate (especially yesterday) but it's better today. Yesterday we went for a walk in the park across the street and played ping pong with her daughter and her daughters friends and then went back and I took a nap. Whenever I felt awkward I would just come over to the couch because her cat just had four babies and they are so cute. They break the ice a lot. 

Today was my first day of class at CAVILAM and I had to take a placement test this morning. After the placement test we went to our first class and I don't even know what level I'm in. We had to talk to a bunch of different people in groups and I was extremely nervous at first but when we kept switching groups it was better. Then we had a lunch break so I met the other people in my group in the lobby and we found a place for lunch. After lunch we went back to school because we had our "ateliers" or extra curricular type class. I chose a culture class and we had to read about sites protected by UNESCO, which was interesting, but my teacher called on my first to talk about what I thought and I didn't know what to say and probably said something that didn't make any sense. Everybody in that class had already been taking it for a while so they all know each other and understand each other and the teacher perfectly so I was really embarrassed. I finally got wi-fi today, I thought she didn't have any but I just asked and she actually did have it. 

After school we went for a walk around Vichy with the cultural director and saw a bunch of historical plaques and statues. This town was home to Napoleon III and was where the French Regime was located during World War II so it is interesting. There's also a natural mineral water spring that we got to drink out of today. It's so pretty and was like drinking Perrier out of a well, but not as bubbly. I really like the kids in my group, they are all so nice and funny.

I'm nervous about tomorrow because we will have our morning class for three hours instead of one but hopefully it will be okay. 

In addition, I really miss Michael and my family and cat but these kitties make me feel so much better. :)

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