Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday June 9th

Today was interesting. Robert and Siobhan and I met at the park to do homework and of course I didn't get any homework. We started wandering around town because we had to buy a few things and then I had to pee so bad it was miserable. I used a "water closet" yesterday and I thought I knew where it was but we could not find it anywhere. Eventually we just went to Monoprix, a store kind of like Target because they have clothes and school supplies and home stuff and a grocery store upstairs. However, they did not have any bathrooms either. I was so miserable and I had to pee so bad and of course it started raining right when we started our search. Somebody told us the only bathrooms were at the mall, way down the street. We walked all the way down there and finally found a bathroom and when we left, it was sunny and hot out. It was rather ridiculous. To reward myself, I bought a couple shirts that were on sale at the mall and we all got ice cream at a little stand. We then went to Monoprix so Siobhan could buy some groceries. As we were leaving, we heard a band so we crossed the street to go watch. It was a symphonie group playing in the park.

Last night I went to another symphonie that my sister had a small part in. It was really good and I had a lot of fun because they played some American songs.

Lesson learned: do not drink anything before wandering around Vichy because nobody has public bathrooms and the only water closet we found was closed off with red tape.

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