Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week Two

C'est la deuxième semaine et c'est plus facile..

This week is much easier than last because not only do I have some more friends, I can understand my teachers better.

My atelier class, my second class, joined with another class so now the class is twelve people as opposed to five. I was really disappointed that we got so many new people because we had a debate and all the new people were much more fluent than we were. However, there are two swiss boys in our class that do no pay attention at all and sit on their phones the whole time. This irritates me because you should be here to want to learn but their school was paying for the program for them because it is necessary they learn French.

Monday it was one of our group member's, Stephanie, birthday. We were going to go to the wine tasting in town so we headed that way just to find out it wasn't wine tasting and it wasn't free. It was just a place to hang out and talk with other CAVILAM students while drinking wine. We headed towards the train station to get a birthday beer for her and then ran into Madame Bauge. After that, we all went down to the Tahiti Bar, right across the street from my apartment, because Madame Bauge wanted to buy her a drink. She ended up buying everybody's drinks which was extremely generous of her. We soon went home because we all had dinner to go to but my host mom was out late that night so I worked on homework until she got home.

So far all the meals have been really good. Nothing too extravagant like the other students, but still good. She has been cooking a lot of Italien food lately for me.

Tuesday I had a lot of homework so after our NAU meeting after school, I went home and did homework and hung out with my family. We ended up playing a game that is like scattegories but in French. Somebody has to say the alphabet in their head, another person tells them to stop, and a letter is chosen. Then there are categories where you must find something that fits with the first letter being the same as the chosen letter. It was hard for me, but good to get my mind thinking. I obviously lost the game.

Wednesday was a half-day excursion to Puy-de-Dome. It is a dormant dome volcano from the volcano chain in Clermont Ferrand. It was quite a hike, and Robert and I were the only ones that made it to the top from our group. Allie and Jessalyn did not. The view from the top was beautiful and everything was so green. We even saw a bunch of paragliders with their backpacks setting up to take off from the mountain. We sat down by them for a while to take pictures and watch them take off. It was way awesome.
Thursday, today, I went to the dégustation, or the food tasting outing. It was right down the street from school at a place called "Club du Monde." If our teacher was not there, we would not have found it because it was downstairs in a weird-looking place.  We tried all kinds of saucissons/sausage, fromages/cheese, and tapenades. It was yummy! However, after trying wine twice here, I'm 100% positive that I will never like it. If I don't like French wine, I'm doomed. 

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