Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday May 14th

Aujourd’hui j’ai entendu de ma host-mère !! Elle habite avec sa fille de 12 ans et leur chatte qui s’appelle Paula. Elle habite juste à côté du cavilam où je vais aller pour mes classes.  

Today I heard from my host-mom!! She lives with her 12 year old daughter and their cat named Paula and she lives right by CAVILAM where I will be going to school. I feel sooo much better now and extremely relieved. Now I know that her e-mail works so I will be able to send her my flight and train information. Woohoo! :) 

17 days until I leave! I have some new clothes to bring but I don't want to pack too much because I'm sure I'm going to buy way too many clothes over there...typical. 

À bientôt !

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